Legal Needs Survey

The recent Legal Needs survey has found (survey sample was 8,000 people):

1) 54% of people have had at least one legal issue in the last 3 years;

2) Most likely legal problems:

  • consumer rights – 33%
  • buying or selling a home – 21%
  • Making a will – 20%
  • Probate – 17%
  • Neighbour disputes – 16%
  • Problems with benefits – 16%
  • Debt – 13%
  • Employment – 12%

3) In tackling legal problems:

  • 35% obtained legal advice
  • 34% attempted to tackle them alone
  • 15% received help from family or friends
  • 13% did nothing

4) Those over 55 years of age were more likely to check if their legal advisor was regulated; however, 8% did not know how to find information about regulation to check if their legal advisor was regulated.

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