Meet Darren Sylvester

Your Advocate in Legal Excellence

Welcome to the heart of DJS Law, where Darren Sylvester stands as the driving force behind our commitment to legal excellence. With over two decades of experience as a qualified barrister and solicitor, Darren brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront. His passion for justice and unwavering dedication is the cornerstone of our mission.

In the realm of professional negligence disputes, Darren’s proficiency shines. He is your ally in navigating the intricate paths of legal complexities, ensuring that individuals and businesses alike find a steadfast advocate. Beyond the courtroom, Darren’s commitment to championing rights resonates in every case, leaving a lasting impact on the pursuit of justice.

  • Qualified Barrister and Solicitor
  • Over 20 years of Legal Expertise
  • Specialises in Professional Negligence Disputes
  • Passionate Advocate for Justice
  • Committed to Championing Rights
  • Founder of DJS Law, Pioneering Legal Excellence
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